Statement of Faith

Grace Community Church bases all its beliefs and practices on the Word of God, the Bible. Here is a summary of our beliefs:


We believe there is one holy, loving and all powerful God. God has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God’s Word

We believe the Bible is literally God’s Word to man. Because it is from God it is the perfect source for what we should believe and practice as Christians.


We believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came in the flesh. He was born of the virgin Mary and lived a life of perfect obedience. When He died on the cross He paid the penalty for the sins of all who will trust in Him as their Saviour. His resurrection from the dead proved His death was an acceptable sacrifice for sin.


We believe that people are created in the image of God but because of Adam’s sin all mankind is under sin’s curse and therefore unable to earn eternal life with God by their own efforts.


We believe that salvation is a work of God in the life of a person. The Holy Spirit begins this work by opening a sinner’s heart to respond to the Gospel. People must respond to God by repenting of their sin and trusting in Jesus as their Saviour. In no way is salvation something that man can earn by good works, or religious practices, rather it is a gift of God to be accepted by faith.

The Christian Life

We believe that when God saves a person there is a radical change that takes place. Their desire is to leave their sin behind and live in a way that honours their Saviour.

Eternal life

We believe that Jesus is coming again to judge all people and that heaven and hell are real. An eternity in hell is the destination for all those who reject Jesus Christ. An eternity in heaven awaits all those who trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.